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NEADS, provides service dogs I have had many people call to ask if I would have a pup they could train to be a service dog. My heart aches when I receive these calls. A father asking for a pup to be trained for diabetic issues. A mom wanting a pup for an autistic child. I listen to their stories and then spend time explaining why no one can predict which dog will be suitable for service work. As they hang up I wonder if I reached through to them or if they will just try another breeder that will sell to them and not explain that a service dog is born not made. This is not a special breed but a special dog that was born with intuition a sixth sense so to say. I have of course seen these pups and have had pups that I knew would be great for this type of work. The problem is there is no magic wand telling us when this pup will appear. I hope with this article to reach out to the people whose insurance doesn’t cover a service dog because. I am truly sorry that this is so. Try to get insurances to pay for this, write to congress, Call Neads and ask about special programs. Put it out on Facebook for donations, just don’t throw your money away trying to make a wonderful pet pup into something he just wasn’t born with. This too worries me because then what happens to the pup when it doesn’t make the grade. Is the breeder asked to take back and rehome a pup that has done nothing but love their family. Please call Neads, in Princeton,MA., they are one of the largest assistance dog providers in the US and the professionals, not the breeder and not the trainer. Thank You , My humble regards for all those looking for such an animal. RM

“A breeder who has no interest in rescue of what he has produced is of no value to anyone, and of even less value to his breed.” — Dr. Malcolm Willis


Puppy Photo-shoot fundraiser raised $130 for NEADS today! We have passed our goal of $500 and raised a total of $750 for NEADS, a nonprofit that provides service dogs for deaf and disabled Americans! Huge thanks to everyone who donated and helped out — with Kirsten Noonan and Michaela Colarossi. — with Abby Jacaruso.



2nd place at the DECA state conference for our OUR FUTURE BUSINESS WOMEN YEAH!!! GO GIRLS NEADS Community Service Project! Nationals here we come  #AtlantaBound

2nd place at the DECA state conference for our NEADS Community Service Project! Nationals here we come #AtlantaBound NEADS: Dogs for Deaf and Disabled Americans,